Local Community


Griffin has followed the PRC national call to address community needs in a variety of ways, promoting support mechanisms and public welfare, helping to build infrastructure where it operates and creating a harmonious and stable community relationship. The Community Development Plan sets out its commitment to the social welfare of the local communities. In 2022, Griffin donated a total of Rmb3,462,800 and provided 100.25 hours of voluntary support.


Griffin is committed to creating value for the local community and developing together with the community. In 2022, Griffin invested Rmb604,800 in residents’ pension subsidies to improve their living conditions. Griffin donated Rmb75,000 to the Hebei Youth Development Foundation as a scholarship to support college students from Sanhao Township, Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City, and Hebei Province, to encourage their academic development.

In September 2022, Griffin donated 950 bags of flour and 500 bags of rice to Caijiaying Village for the Mid-Autumn Festival. In addition, Griffin sent its medical staff every month to provide free nucleic acid testing services to the residents of Caijiaying Village and donated materials to the Zhangbei County government and relevant epidemic prevention departments of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province.

Rural Revitalisation

Griffin supports rural revitalisation to achieve common prosperity and actively assists in rural development. In 2022, Griffin invested Rmb1,857,000 in repairing houses for local villagers and alleviating the impact of blasting vibration and other operations. Griffin also invested Rmb700,000 in a community fund to strengthen the infrastructure around the mining area. To facilitate the travel of residents around the mining area, Griffin invested Rmb250,000 in repairing potholes on the roads around the mining area to reduce traffic safety hazards. To prevent the soil erosion of farmland by rainwater in the rainy season, Griffin invested Rmb45,000 in widening the road in Baishuinao Administrative Village, Sanhao Township and in helping farmers lay culvert pipes in the upper reaches of farmland. In addition, Griffin helped villagers replace water pumps, helping to solve the water problems in Xiaobazi Administrative Village and thereby improve the overall quality of life of the surrounding residents

Community Investment

Community communication is seen as an effective way to build trust with local community people and achieve harmony and co-prosperity between the Company and the community. As well as poverty alleviation and support for local cultural events this has included:

  • The construction and maintenance of a new water bore and water supply;
  • The construction and maintenance of a sealed road from San Hao township to the Caijiaying Mine area;
  • 500 head of cattle to Caijiaying Village to successfully create a dairy and cattle farm.

In 2020, Hebei Hua Ao provided Rmb55,800 for the maintenance of the water pipeline system in Caijiaying Village, No. 3 Township in Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. Hebei Hua Ao assisted local people in repairing their houses and address any potential impact of blasting vibrations and other disturbances on their properties, with a total investment of more than Rmb12 million. In addition, Hebei Hua Ao provided pension subsidies to 386 elderly people in Xiaobazi Administrative Village in Zhangbei County. The total fund was more than Rmb550,000. 500 head of cattle were paid for and provided to Caijiaying village to successfully create a dairy and cattle farm to ensure a more sustainable annual income less reliant on the seasonality of crops grown in the short summer months.

In 2020, Hebei Hua Ao donated money and Covid-19 relief materials for local epidemic prevention and control. During the outbreak, masks, food, and other epidemic prevention materials were donated to No. 3 Township in Zhangbei County, at a cost of Rmb 33,400. A further Rmb 100,000 was donated to support the recovery from Covid-19.

These actions have won unanimous praise from the local government and residents.
It is estimated that the Caijiaying Mine currently provides direct and indirect employment to over 1,000 Chinese nationals.
During 2020, Hebei Hua Ao paid Rmb 95 million ($14.5 million) (2019: Rmb 116 million) in taxes, royalties, social security fees and other duties to Chinese Governmental authorities and agencies. It is recognised as the largest tax payer in the local Zhangbei County and one of the largest in Zhangjiakou City prefecture.