Our history

Griffin Mining Limited was formed in May 1988 in Bermuda as a mining finance company. In June 1997, the Company’s shares were admitted to trading on the Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”) of the London Stock Exchange.

In October 1997, the Company changed its principal activities to mining and its name to Griffin Mining Limited. In November 1997 Griffin acquired a 50% equity interest in China Zinc Pty Ltd which held a 60% interest in the Hebei Hua Ao Mining Industry Company Limited (“Hebei Hua Ao”) a Chinese joint venture company, which holds the mineral rights at Caijiaying in the Hebei Province in Northern China. In March 1998, Griffin acquired the remaining 50% equity stake in China Zinc Pty Ltd, giving Griffin a controlling 60% interest in Hebei Hua Ao. In June 2012, Griffin acquired a further 28.8% interest in Hebei Hua Ao taking its interest to 88.8% and at the same time negotiated an extension of the term of the Hebei Hua Ao Joint Venture for a further 25 years to October 2037.

Griffin through Hebei Hua Ao holds a mining licence over some 3.2 sq km at Caijiaying and a retention licence over 2.2 sq km adjacent to the mining licence tenement. Within these licence areas are eight zones of mineralisation, one of which, Zone III, is currently being mined. Development work is being undertaken to access the Zone II area to the south with the receipt of a further mining licence over that area and the area between Zones II and III. Griffin has an interest over a further 15.7 sq km through a second Chinese joint venture company, Hebei Anglo, with further zones of mineralisation.

The Caijiaying Mine was commissioned on time and budget in 2005 with an initial design production throughput rate of 200,000 tonnes of ore per annum. Numerous upgrades to the Caijiaying Mine and processing facilities have taken place since commissioning leading to the latest upgrade which has taken the name plate mill throughput capacity to 1.5 million tonnes of ore per annum.

Underground development continues with the expansion of the existing mining operations at Zone III down to the 1,000 RL, meaning 1,000 metres above sea level, approximately 500 metres below surface. Access to the Zone II area to the south of Zone III has been constructed allowing for mining and development of Zone II to commence.

Griffin has been the leader in foreign investment in mining in China having been engaged in developing the Caijiaying zinc gold project since 1997.

Hebei Hua Ao, was the first foreign controlled entity to receive an exploration licence in the Peoples Republic of China and the first to be awarded a new mining licence over a metal deposit in China, as well as being the first to construct a new mine. Griffin has been a responsible investor in China taking care of the environment and the local community. In November 2010 Hebei Hua Ao received the environmental award at the 2010 China Mining conference and in November 2011 the Mine Development Outstanding Achievements award at that years China Mining conference. In 2021, Caijiaying was granted “green Mine” certification confirming that Caijiaying operates to high safety and environmental standards.

Mineralisation was first identified at Caijiaying by the Chinese in the 1960’s. In 1994, following the introduction of legislation in China allowing the formation of joint venture entities with foreign parties, Hua-Ao was formed and in 1996/97 Griffin acquired its interest in Hua-Ao.

Caijiaying Mine Winter 2020/2021