Development of Employees

A diverse and inclusive corporate culture at Griffin which focuses on the long-term development of employees, care of their physical and mental health and fostering a harmonious and safe working environment underpins the success of the Group.

The development of a talented diversified workforce is encouraged by ensuring employee rights and interests are protected in accordance with all PRC labour laws. Education to promote diversity and recruitment through a variety of channels will continue to ensure the most talented employees are attracted and retained at Griffin. As of 31 December 2022, the Griffin Group had 461 employees.

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A comprehensive human rights protection policy is in place to respect and protect human rights and establish legal and stable labour relations with employees. In addition, Griffin provides employees with training on human rights and makes every effort to promote the protection of human rights. In 2022, there were no major labour disputes or human rights complaints from employees.

Griffin complies with the PRC national working hours system, setting reasonable workloads for employees, continuously optimising the working hours management policy, encouraging employees to work efficiently during normal working hours and take their full entitlement to holidays. Griffin operates on a working system of 8 hours a day and an average working week of no more than 40 hours. Any arrangement requiring a variation to these hours will only be implemented after obtaining the consent of the employees and relevant responsible departments.

If employees need to work overtime or exceed normal working hours, Griffin will pay overtime or arrange rest periods in accordance with the relevant national and Company regulations.

Griffin strives to create a safe and harmonious work environment, strictly prohibiting the employment or use of child labour, opposes any form of forced labour and requires suppliers and vendors to implement the same employment standards. Griffin strictly enforces the national minimum working age regulations and verifies the identity and age of candidates at the time of recruitment.

Employees are encouraged to participate in the democratic management of the Company, elect employee representatives and hold regular employee representative meetings. The right of employees to participate in labour unions is respected. A transparent employee communication mechanism has been established including employee suggestion boxes to encourage contributions to the development of the Group.

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Employees are the key resource for the Group. Griffin develops annual training plans in collaboration with employees, designing diversified training courses, providing induction training, on the job training and continuing education and training to optimise the potential of employees.

In 2022, the training coverage rate at Caijiaying reached 100%, with a total of 17,160 hours spent on various training programmes. 457 employees participated in training and the average training time per employee was 38 hours.

Various types of training were provided at Caijiaying as follows:

  • Management personnel training: 26 management personnel received safe production and management development training;
  • Special operation training: 41 operators received training to obtain special equipment operation certificates;
  • Special equipment training: 9 operators and management personnel received special equipment management and operation training;
  • New employees training: 54 new employees received three-tier training; and
  • Safety Training: All employees received internal safety training.


Employees receive a competitive base salary and allowances according to their job title, years of experience and responsibilities, as well as additional rewards for outstanding performance, behaviour and attitude to motivate and inspire them.

Griffin monitors the welfare of employees to ensure all legal entitlements to holidays and other leave are taken. To help create a harmonious workplace environment, Griffin regularly organises holiday dinners, departmental reunions and other activities and has set up activity rooms, gymnasiums and other venues for employees to rest and interact with each other to enhance their cohesion and sense of belonging.

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