Health & SAFETY


As a mining Company, safety is our core value and integrated into all aspects of Hebei Hua Ao’s operations.

Emphasis is placed on the prevention of accidents, maintaining standards of safety management, and ensuring that “safe production is everyone’s responsibility, and everyone knows their responsibility.”

The Safety Committee is responsible for conducting production safety inspections. The Chief Operating Officer is in charge of the Safety Committee, the Deputy Operations Manager and Safety Director serve as deputies and department heads as committee members. A dedicated Safety Department is responsible for safety production management, staffed with a sufficient number of qualified safety production management personnel trained by government authorities.

In 2023, to strengthen on-site safety inspection requirements, Hebei Hua Ao has established a “Safety Production Responsibility System” with key performance indicators and a penalty mechanism for the Caijiaying Mine employee bonus system, clearly defining safety responsibilities, behaviours, and duties for all positions including Department Managers, Department Supervisors, Safety Officers, Technical Personnel, Shift Leaders, and Section Leaders. All employees are required to sign safety production target responsibility agreements.

The Annual Work Safety Plan sets out Hebei Hua Ao’s annual work safety objectives. In 2023, Hebei Hua Ao’s work safety objectives were as follows:

  • Work-related fatalities and serious injuries 0, and occupational illness 0;
  • 3% reduction in minor injuries from 2022;
  • 100% safety training rate;
  • “Three positions” personnel (the main person in charge, safety management personnel, special operators) with a certificate on duty rate of 100%;
  • Special equipment inspection pass rate at 100%.

Employees conduct a “Job Safety Analysis” (JSA) before starting work, identifying hazards and conducting safety risk assessments before commencing work. In 2023, Hebei Hua Ao organised a total of four quarterly safety production major inspections, 12 comprehensive leadership safety major inspections, and conducted safety production inspections throughout the mine site more than 120 times. We also organised more than 30 professional and special safety inspections. All identified hazards during safety inspections were rectified. During the reporting period, we did not have any work-related fatalities and achieved the established production safety targets.

Health and Safety of Employees
Total number of work-related fatalities000
Lost days due to work injury34086180
  1. The increase in lost days due to work injury in 2023 related to one employee.

Emergency Plan for Safety Accidents

Hebei Hua Ao continues to improve its emergency management of production safety accidents, enhance the rapid and effective handling of accidents at the initial stage, and prevent the expansion of accidents and the occurrence of secondary accidents. The “six systems for underground safety” utilises the underground wireless intercom system and underground video monitoring system to help management personnel monitor the underground working environment, changes in personnel position and the working status of equipment to ensure the safe evacuation of operators in the event of underground emergencies. An “Emergency Rescue Squad” will reduce the impact of the accident, safeguard employees and reduce the loss of property.

Safety Training and Emergency Drill

In 2023, in accordance with the annual safety production work and training plan, Hebei Hua Ao conducted comprehensive safety training for all employees and specialised training for new employees. Employees take exams to test their understanding and practical skills. In addition, Hebei Hua Ao regularly carries out emergency drills for the sudden failure of ventilators, emergency escape from explosives storage or power failure accidents, as well as fire drills. These activities aim to enhance the risk prevention awareness of all operational staff and their abilities to overcome hazards and escape safely during the early stages of an accident.

In 2023, Hebei Hua Ao conducted safety training as follows:

Employees’ Safety Training in 2023
Training typeNumber of Participants
Training for management personnel33
Training for special operation25
Training for special equipment49
Safety regulations for confined space operations805
Safety training491
Emergency rescue team training779
New employee training74
Specialised training69
The total safety training hours of 2023 was 20,203 hours.

Contractor Safety Management

Contractors are incorporated into Hebei Hua Ao’s safety management system. The Work Safety Management Agreement signed by all contractors clearly defines both parties’ responsibilities for the management of accident hazards identification, governance, and prevention, so as to strengthen Hebei Hua Ao’s supervision and control over the entire process of the business of the contractors, and to reduce the risk of potential accidents. The qualifications of contractors and certifications of relevant operating personnel are audited. Contractors complete annual safety training with Hebei Hua Ao and their injuries are included in production safety targets. 

Development of Employees

A diverse and inclusive corporate culture at Griffin which focuses on the long-term development of employees, care of their physical and mental health and fostering a harmonious and safe working environment underpins the success of the Group.

Employee Management Policy

The development of a talented diversified workforce is encouraged by ensuring employee rights and interests are protected in accordance with all PRC labour laws.  Education to promote diversity and recruitment though a variety of channels will continue to ensure the most talented employees are attracted and retained at Griffin.

At 31 December 2023, Hebei Hua Ao had 501 employees.



As of December 31, 2023

By genderMale434
By management levelManagement Personnel29
General Personnel472
By ageAged 30 and below37
Aged 31 to 50299
Aged 50 and above165
By employment typeFull-time501
By regionDomestic497


Employee Turnover Rate

CategoryAs of December 31, 2023
Employee turnover rate5.6%
By genderMale5.4%
By management levelManagement Personnel0.2%
General Personnel5.4%
By ageAged 30 and below0.2%
Aged 31 to 502.6%
Aged 50 and above2.8%
By employment typeFull-time5.6%
By regionDomestic5.6%

Salary and Welfare Management

Employees receive a competitive base salary and allowances according to their job title, years of experience and responsibilities, as well as additional rewards for outstanding performance, behaviour and attitude to motivate and inspire them.

Griffin monitors the welfare of employees to ensure all legal entitlements to holidays and other leave are taken. To help create a harmonious workplace environment, Griffin regularly organises holiday dinners, departmental reunions and other activities and has set up activity rooms, gymnasiums and other venues for employees to rest and interact with each other to enhance their cohesion and sense of belonging.  During the Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival each year, employees receive shopping cards for traditional holiday greetings.

Women comprise 13.3% of the workforce. However, Chinese regulations prohibit women from working in operational roles underground so only 178 roles are available to them which increases the participation rate to 37%.  New mothers are allowed to bring their families and children to stay at the base during working hours, until the child reaches the age of one at no extra charge for accommodation or food. During holidays such as International Women’s Day, we provide female employees with a half-day vacation.

Human Rights

A comprehensive human rights protection policy is in place to respect and protect human rights and establish legal and stable labour relations with employees.  In addition, Griffin provides employees with training on human rights and makes every effort to promote the protection of human rights.

Griffin complies with the PRC national working hours system, setting reasonable workloads for employees, continuously optimising the working hours management policy, encouraging employees to work efficiently during normal working hours and take their full entitlement to holidays.  Griffin operates on a working system of 8 hours a day and an average working week of no more than 40 hours. Any arrangement requiring a variation to these hours will only be implemented after obtaining the consent of the employees and relevant responsible departments. If employees need to work overtime or exceed normal working hours, Griffin will pay overtime or arrange rest periods in accordance with the relevant national and Company regulations.

Griffin strives to create a safe and harmonious work environment, strictly prohibiting the employment or use of child labour, opposes any form of forced labour and requires suppliers and vendors to implement the same employment standards. Griffin strictly enforces the national minimum working age regulations and verifies the identity and age of candidates at the time of recruitment.

Employees are encouraged to participate in the democratic management of Hebei Hua Ao, elect employee representatives and hold regular employee representative meetings. A transparent employee communication mechanism has been established including employee suggestion boxes to encourage contributions to the development of the Group.

Hebei Hua Ao set up a trade union many years ago, which is used to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the employees. Representatives negotiate regarding labour remuneration, working hours, labour quotas, rest and leave, labour safety and hygiene, insurance and welfare and supervise the implementation of labour contracts and mediate any labour disputes. Activity rooms and sports facilities, regular festive gatherings, and team-building activities enhance employee cohesion. 


Griffin encourages all employees to participate in the supervision of integrity and honesty, and has established a two-way reporting channel. Whistleblowers can report anonymously, and Griffin keeps the content of whistleblowers’ reports strictly confidential and prohibits any form of retaliation against whistleblowers to protect them from threats, suspension, transfer or dismissal and other discriminatory punishments. 

In 2023, Hebei Hua Ao had no major labour disputes or human rights complaints from employees.

Employee Development and Training

Employee development is a crucial aspect of the Groups sustainability agenda.

Employees are the key resource for the Group.  Griffin develops annual training plans in collaboration with employees, designing diversified training courses, providing induction training, on the job training and continuing education and training to optimise the potential of employees.

New employees complete a 9-day induction training programme, which includes detailed communication and guidance on corporate culture, rules and regulations of Hebei Hua Ao, and occupational health and safety, on the basis of clear job responsibilities. New employees integrate into the workplace more quickly under the guidance of their mentors and with the help of their co-workers.

The “Special Trades Commissioned Trainee Program” has established links with training schools to cultivate specialist trades skilled workers with strong professional skills to provide succession in key skilled roles such as processing and mining maintenance departments.

In 2023, Hebei Hua Ao organised a 12-day vocational skills training program for 72 employees specialising in welding, electrical work, and mechanical repairs, conducted by professional teachers from universities and training schools. Hebei Hua Ao also carried out relevant online training and practical exercises. The employees successfully completed the state-organised technician skills test in December, and some of them obtained the certificate of qualification for junior workers and the certificate of qualification  for intermediate workers, with a pass rate of 96.5%.

In 2023 the training coverage rate at Caijiaying reached 100%, with a total of 20,203 training hours. The total number of trainees was 491, and the per capita participation in training was 41 hours. Hebei Hua Ao’s various types of training were carried out as follows:

Management personnel training: 33 management personnel received safe production knowledge and management ability training;

Special operation training: 25 operators received training on getting Certificates for Special Operations;

Special equipment training: 49 operators and management personnel received special equipment management and operation training;

New Employee Training: 74 new employees received conducted employee orientation level 3 training;

Safety training: Internal safety training for 491 employees.

Occupational Health

Hebei Hua Ao places great emphasis on the safety and health of employees and conducts occupational disease risk assessments to better prevent, control, and eliminate occupational hazards in the workplace.

Monthly inspections of occupational hazards are conducted by third parties. Based on the results effective preventative measures are introduced.

Social medical insurance and supplemental medical insurance are provided for employees. Pre-employment, on-the-job and post-employment health checkups for occupational diseases are undertaken at Caijiaying, as well as education on occupational hygiene.  Psychological counselling is available.

All individuals enter the plant area with safety helmets, protective eyewear, earplugs, and other personal protective equipment. Special protective equipment such as water boots, felt socks, and mining lamps is provided. Production managers and operators are required to be proficient in using and maintaining occupational health protection facilities and personal occupational health protective equipment. Regular fire drills and emergency exercises are carried out.


Griffin has zero tolerance for any unethical practices such as bribery, extortion, fraud and money laundering, and has implemented a series of initiatives to strengthen anti-corruption management. It  adheres to the business values of fairness, transparency, integrity and honesty, and has formulated employee codes of conduct, set requirements for business ethics and commits to ongoing improvements in its compliance management system.  These include:

  • Anti-corruption policies and employee code of conduct, supervision of the business activities of employees and third-party contractors, and prohibition of directors and employees from engaging in illegal or unethical economic practices;
  • Clearly stated prohibition against taking and offering bribes and a requirement for all employees to declare in advance when offered gifts and entertainment;
  • Regular review and update of the code of conduct of employees by the Head of Human Resources and the Operation Manager at Caijiaying to identify the possible risks in the business and operational links;
  • Daily supervision and regular management review to optimise the anti-corruption and anti-fraud reporting process and ensure compliance requirements are implemented;
  • Regular training to strengthen the ideological education of anti-corruption and further improve compliance with Griffin’s policies; and
  • Formulation of anti-corruption provisions in supplier agreements and goods and services contracts, adhering to transparent procurement.
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