Health & SAFETY


The health and safety of employees are a priority of the Group as is adherence to the PRC’s “Safety and Prevention. First, Comprehensive Governance” safety policy and continual improvements to its safety management systems.

According to the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Work Safety, Safety in Mines and other laws and regulations, Griffin has revised its Safety Production Responsibility System, Safety Production Rules and Regulations, Operating Procedures and other system documents with which all employees are required to comply. Griffin has strengthened production safety management as well as inculcating a culture of safety.


During 2022, Griffin established a Safety Management Committee comprising the Chief Operating Officer, the Operations Manager and Chief Safety Manager and the heads of all departments. Griffin has set up a well-resourced safety department specifically responsible for production safety management and established a “Safety Production Responsibility System” and “Double Prevention System for Safety Production” so that all employees are crystal clear about their safety responsibilities.

At the beginning of 2022, the Company formulated the Annual Work Safety Plan, which specified the following objectives:

  • No work-related fatalities or serious injuries;
  • 3% reduction in minor injuries;
  • 100% safety training rate;
  • “Three positions” personnel (the main person in charge, safety management personnel, special operators) with a certificate on duty rate of 100%;
  • Special equipment inspection pass rate of 100%.

Griffin values the development of the “production safety system”, in doing so establishing and revising more than 90 production safety rules and regulations and more than 150 safety operating procedures to improve the production safety management level. Griffin seeks to identify and rectify any risks that may involve high-risk positions.

Employees at the Caijiaying Mine are required to conduct a Job Safety Analysis before starting work to ensure that safety hazard inspections are completed and potential risks identified. In 2022, Griffin conducted 4 quarterly safety inspections, more than 180 regular safety production inspections in areas such as ore processing, mining workshops, bases and warehouses and organised and completed professional special safety inspections nearly 50 times. Griffin completed the rectification of all the hidden dangers found in the safety inspections in 2022. In 2022, there were no work-related fatalities and the days lost to work injury continued to decline.


Griffin strongly values the prevention and control of occupational diseases while constantly upgrading the occupational health protection equipment and facilities to improve the production and working environment of employees. Hebei Hua Ao provides annual occupational health check-ups for employees who are exposed to occupational hazards to ensure their health and safety.


Griffin has formulated a contractor safety management and assessment system. Each contractor has a Work Safety Management Agreement with Griffin which defines the management responsibilities of both parties for hazard screening, treatment, and control. Griffin reviews the contractor’s “Non-Coal Mining Enterprise Safety Production Licence” and other relevant qualifications or certificates, supervises the implementation of laws and training, coordinates with the contractor’s management and incorporates the contractor’s safety management into the safety management system at the mine.


Suppliers are one of the important cornerstones of our sustainable development. To ensure that supplier activities comply with the requirements of local regulatory authorities and our selection criteria, a mature supplier management system has been established that strictly controls the entire process of supplier access, evaluation and subsequent management.

When establishing procurement contracts for equipment, building materials, steel, chemicals and other products, Griffin sets clear environmental and safety management requirements for suppliers, stipulating that they must strictly comply with national and local environmental and safety laws and regulations in production and operating activities. Product packaging must be solid and clearly marked. The supplied goods must be safe and neatly package and delivered to the designated place safely. In addition, a commitment letter on “Illegal Employment of Employees” from the suppliers is requested, requiring them to strictly comply with the “Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, the Employment Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Minors and the Provisions on Prohibition of Using Child Labour.”

Griffin strictly prohibits the employment of child labour and late salary payment to their employees so as to prevent social and environmental risks within the supply chain.